Tom Versteeg
Improvement in Writing 99

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Welcome to Improvement in Writing 99! Check back often for important updates.
Here Comes The Shallows Essay, and Here Comes Feed Reading

On Wednesday, 10 Feb., we'll begin a few days of class activities designed to help folks get a good start on Essay Assignment Two--the one that attends to Carr's The Shallows. To be ready for these activities, you should have Carr's book completed by Wednesday. Also on Wednesday, be sure to bring The Shallows to class; on Thursday, please bring both The Shallows and Cascio's "Get Smart." We'll spend one of these two days on each of the two options for the Carr essay, essentially mining for textual evidence that will be useful to you in developing the essay.

Just as you read Carr while working on the Cascio essay, you'll be reading Anderson's Feed while working on the Carr essay. So to get ourselves in a useful frame of mind for reading Anderson's novel, for Friday, 12 Feb., please bring to class your responses for "Context-Setting Considerations for Feed" (available in the Documents section). We'll go over this material on Friday, and then by next Monday, we should be back into workshop and conference mode.