Tom Versteeg
Improvement in Writing 99

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Welcome to Improvement in Writing 99! Check back often for important updates.
Alert! Alert! First LSQ on Feed

The first Little Stupid Quiz on Anderson's Feed will be held on Monday, 27 Feb. Be sure to have the novel read through page 67 by then, and you'll have absolutely no problem on this quiz.

Here Comes the 101 Readiness Reading

Remember that the 101 Readiness Reading will be held this coming Wednesday, 1 March. This means that on this day you need to bring to class a clean copy (no instructor or student marks) of your best version of either Essay One or Essay Two plus three or so photocopied pages from the text you're writing about that illustrate your wonderful annotations to submit for the reading; when you bring your Readiness essay and annotations to class, I'll supply a cover sheet for you to attach to them, and your job will be done. Then you'll get your essays back in class on Thursday. And remember, while scores on the Readiness Reading have no direct effect on your course grade, it's a course requirement that you submit work for the Reading and get that feedback



A Chance to Hear Some Poetry and Reverse the Flow of Time

Very sorry to report next Wednesday's scheduled reading by Lorna Dee Cervantes has been canceled. This, of course, means folks won't have an opportunity to attend the reading, write a response paragraph, and thus remove an absence from their official records. At the end of the quarter, though, being the generous guy I am, what I'll do is subtract one miss for anyone who's grade would be different if they had one fewer absences.