Tom Versteeg
Introduction to Literature

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Welcome to Introduction to Literature! Check back often for important updates.
Slight Adjustments to Three Important Dates

Looking realistically at the pace of our class so far and at what we still need to accomplish, I've discovered that both a couple reading assignment due dates and our original deadline date for first project submission are just a little too pushy. Thus, please take note of the following changes (mark them down on your calendars and on your copies of our course documents):

--Please have our first big batch of poems ("Western Wind" et al) carefully read and annotated by Wednesday, 5 Oct.  

--Please have Baldwin's "Sonny's Blues" carefully read and annotated (annotations are a must since this story is the topic of our first seminar) by Thursday, 20 Oct.

--Please note that our first project turn-in date is now Thursday, 27 Oct.