Tom Versteeg
Introduction to Literature

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Welcome to Introduction to Literature! Check back often for important updates.
The End of the Quarter as We Know It. . .

Below please find a day-by-day account of what to expect in class right up until the very end of the quarter.

Mon. 11/14: Work with our last batch of stories
Tues. 11/15: Peer response day for second project (Recall that if you got an essay accepted in the first go-round and are creating something other than an essay for a second project, you should still get peer response on that creation, though, of course, as you and your interlocutor consult, you'll both want to adjust the questions on the peer response sheet so they make sense for your particular project.)
Wed. 11/16: Second project turn-in plus another day with stories, including some investigation of Modernism and Post-Modernism (Special note: anybody who turns in a new essay project today can also count that essay as the journal for the week that would otherwise have come in yesterday.)
Thur. 11/17 - Fri. 11/18: More work re last stories, Modernism, and Post-Modernism
Mon. 11/21: First day with final batch of poems (LSQ plus something real. . .)
Tues. 11/22: More fun with poems plus this Tuesday is the last day journals will be due
Mon. 11/28-Tues. 11/29: Poem work, including Neo-Classicism, Romanticism, and Modernism
Wed. 11/30: “Ideal Poem” seminar (Group 1 goes first, today.)
Thur. 12/1: “Ideal Poem” seminar (Group 2 gets their turn today.)
Fri. 12/2: Seminar debriefing plus more with poems
Mon. 12/5: Last regular day of class in our class and all classes across campus. We'll tie up loose ends, have time for peer response for anyone turning in a first or second non-novel project, plus if novel groups need it, they'll have time to play with the computer's audio-visual stuff to make sure it'll work right for their projects on Friday. If, between now and Friday, anybody has a question about the class or their novel project, feel free to swing by my office and have a chat.
Fri. 12/9:  Novel projects presented, turn in day for any last non-novel projects, course wrap-up, and fond farewells (Important note: this two-hour period [9:30-11:30] is our class's [and all 9:30 classes'] officially scheduled finals time. Both because it is an officially scheduled class day and, even more, because novel presenters deserve an attentive audience for their projects, the urge some who aren't presenting may feel to simply skip the class should be strongly resisted. While the prospect of seeing several cool novel projects performed should, on its own, provide plenty of motivation for people to show up, to even further help folks resist the urge to ditch class, let's make this final presentation day a double-cut day; that is, anybody who doesn't show up on this day will have two group misses tacked on to their class record.)