Christopher A. Kent

Chair, Department of Social Sciences / Humanities

Geography: The science of space and place...
or "the study of the surface of the Earth"


Ph.D. University of Wisconsin - Madison (Geography)
M.S. University of Wisconsin - Madison (Water Resource Management)
M.A. University of California - Davis (Geography)
B.A. University of Colorado - Boulder (Political Science and Economics)

SCC classes I teach on a regular basis

Geography 101 - Introduction to Geography - Usually taught every quarter except summer

This class provides an overview of Geography and the issues geographers study. It covers both physical geography topics (landforms, climate and weather, natural resources) and human geography topics (population, language and religion patterns, political boundaries and war). One important theme is exploring the human impact on the environment.

Geography 230 - World Regional Geography - Usually taught every quarter except summer

In this class, we study a different region of the world each week. We focus mostly on the cultural and political geography, with some attention to the physical landscape, population patterns, and economic issues. The class has a strong emphasis on understanding current events - and may require reading international news throughout the quarter.

Geography 260 - Violent Earth - Usually taught only once per year

We examine the causes and effects of natural disasters in this class: earthquakes, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornadoes, floods, drought, and other events. We also consider the planning options available for mitigating a disaster's impact before and after an event.

Places I've lived

As a child: Denver CO, El Paso TX, Dallas TX, Jacksonville FL, Tampa FL
As a student: Colorado Springs CO, Geneva Switzerland, Boulder CO, Davis CA, Madison WI
As an adult: San Francisco CA, Portland OR, Spokane WA



Geography Instructor