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Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) Mission

The TLC's mission is to facilitate an atmosphere of collaboration, collegiality, inclusivity, diversity, and recognition of peer excellence by providing space and resources for the SCC community to nurture teaching and learning strategies in support of student success.

The center offers events with one goal in mind: improving your work with students immediately. Look for the weekly email with more information about this week's programming.

History & Contact Information
The TLC began programming in Winter 2017, so it is relatiely new to SCC.
The TLC's coordinator is currently Angela Rasmussen, and you can contact her at 533-8011, in 1-1220M, or

The Center is located in building 1/Main, room 1219 (inside the 1220 area of building 1, located on the east side of the second floor). Unless otherwise noted, all events are held in 1219.

Adjunct Faculty Support
All faculty and staff are welcome at all TLC events. Thanks to college support, adjunct faculty participation at TLC-sponsored events is supported with small stipends. Adjunct faculty earn a quarterly stipend for up to six TLC events, paid at the contract's non-instructional hourly rate of $26.88/hour.

To receive the stipend, all you need to do is sign in at each event and include your ctcLink ID. Additionally, you will need to fill out and sign the Affiliated stipend form just once during the quarter. Stipends are paid at the end of the quarter, and the coordinator will contact all individuals eligible for stipends to confirm the amount near the end of the quarter. Plase direct any questions to TLC coordinator, Angela Rasmussen.