Engineering 110 - Orientation

Engineering Orientation

(Offered Fall and Winter Quarters)

Fall Quarter:   Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1:00- 2:00

Winter Quarter:     Monday, Thursday 11:30 - 1:00

Building 28, Room 218

Course Description

ENGR 110 is an orientation course for the student who thinks he/she has an interest in engineering, but doesn't know what to expect from the career. 

- Orientation lectures and problem solving by hand and using computers will be an integral part of the course. 

- Students will be introduced to many subjects to be studied at greater depth later in their careers. 

- Students will work in teams and learn the fundamentals of design. 

- Students will write technical reports and descriptions of their activities.


Course Information

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file iconSyllabus for Winter 2017
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file iconProject Paper Topics
 List of possible topics for the research paper due at the end of the quarter. You can choose from this list or come up with your own idea.
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