Fun and Useful Links

This page contains some fun and useful links that may help you in your class.

file iconHow to study physics
 Resources from the website that are specifically dealing with how to study physics.
file iconPhysics Place
 Contains practise problems and exercises based on the chapters in the text book.
file iconFoucault Pendulum Explanation - California Academy of Science
 This is a great (semi) interactive site which explains how the Foucault Pendulum works
file iconWatch the rest of the Elegant Universe online
 You can watch all of the episodes of the popular PBS TV show online from this PBS site.
file iconScale of the Universe
 This site has the Powers of Ten movie we watched in class, plus an interactive scaled pictures that shows the smallest building blocks of the universe to the largest galaxies. Very cool!
file iconThe Ghost Particle Movie Companion Site
 For cool pictures and more facts about the ghost particles, check out this PBS web site.
file iconJokes with Einstein
 -Go to Toons
-Check out the links under the red lantern for some
funny (in a very nerdy way) jokes with Einstein.
file iconMake Your Own Einstein Picture
 Write what should go on Albert’s black board.