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file iconEssay Assignment One
file iconEssay Assignment Two
file iconEssay Assignment Three

Notes from Class

file iconContext-Setting Considerations for Cascio and Carr
file iconSummary/Response Essay Overview
file iconContext-Setting Considerations for Feed
file iconHow to Retrieve a Specific Article from ProQuest
file iconSample Plan for Three Disciplines for Children
file iconSome Assistance with the Mechanics of Citing Sources
file iconSample Essay: Three Disciplines for Children
file iconIntegrating Claim, Quote, and Commentary--Brief Examples
file iconSample Summary Plan and Draft for Holt's "Three Disciplines. . ."
file iconAll You Need to Know about Sentence Boundries
file iconSample Summary Plan for Cascio, Plus a Little Something Extra
file iconA Framework for Understanding Carr’s Argument in The Shallows

Reading Strategies

file iconAnnotation
file iconGraphic Organizer for Non-Fiction
file iconReading Strategies Checklist

The Big Picture

file icon101 Readiness Assessment Rubric
file iconCourse Information
file iconCourse Learning Outcomes
file iconPeer Conference Record Sheet
file iconProtocol for Resubmission of Would-Be Final Drafts
file iconFinal Draft Revision Memo
file iconWhat Writing Process Means to Us