The Documents page provides links to the course syllabus and other important handouts.

Notes from Class

file iconAunt Jen/Hips Sample Paragraph
file iconNeoclassicism and Romanticism: The Quick and Dirty Version
file iconThe Marriage of Affect and Info
file iconBrief Examples of Quote/Commentary Integration
file iconEvaluating Literature: Something to Think About

Reading Assignments

file iconOpening Day Poems
file iconReading Assignments, Part One
file iconHandout Poems for 11 April
file iconReading Assignments, Part Two
file iconHandout Poems for 16 May
file iconReading Assignments, Part Three
file iconHandout Poems for 6 June


file iconActions that Promote Effective Seminars
file iconWhat's in a Seminar?
file iconSeminar One Ticket Assignment
file iconSeminar Two Ticket Assignment
file iconSeminar Groups
file iconSeminar Three Ticket Assignment

The Big Picture

file iconCourse Information
file iconPeer Conference Response Sheet
file iconSome Sample Controling Ideas for Projects
file iconA Little Assistance for Writers of Lit Essays
file iconWords Commonly Found in the Mouths of Lit-Crit Community Members