Faculty Resources

Student success is at the heart of the TLC's purpose -- supporting faculty work in the classroom through training and sharing best practices. As the center is newly established, some resources are in development. At the moment (Winter 2017), the TLC's main programming includes workshops and conversations. For more details, see the Events Calendar.

Additionally, online resources on a variety of topics are included below. If you have ideas or suggestions about future programming and faculty needs, please contact coordinator, Angela Rasmussen at 533-8011 or angela.rasmussen@scc.spokane.edu.


Values Assessment and Affirmation Articles

                 Please contact Angela Rasmussen for an article with information.

Learning Communities and I-BEST Courses

Washington Center at the Evergreen State College's “Designing Integrated and Interdisciplinary Assignments” Page  http://wacenter.evergreen.edu/intlearning/index.html

 Washington Center at the Evergreen State College's “Professional Development: Integrative and Interdisciplinary Learning” Page http://wacenter.evergreen.edu/professionaldevelopment/integrativeinterdisciplinary.html

Association of American Colleges & Universities' "Statement on Integrative Learning" http://wacenter.evergreen.edu/docs/intlearning/statementintlearning.pdf


                 Collaborative Work and Assignments

                                NEA's “Cooperative Learning” Page http://www.nea.org/tools/16870.htm

Cornell's Center for Teaching Excellence's “Collaborative Learning: Group Work” Page https://www.cte.cornell.edu/teaching-ideas/engaging-students/collaborative-learning.html

North Seattle's “Seminar Roles” Page http://webshare.northseattle.edu/IS/seminars/seminar_roles.htm

Purdue's “Teaching Tips and Resources” Page http://purdue.edu/cie/teachingtips/cooperative_collaborative/index.html

The “Jigsaw Classroom” https://www.jigsaw.org/


HIPS (High Impact Practices)

Association of American Colleges & Universities' “High Impact Practices” Page: https://www.aacu.org/leap/hips


Transparency and the TILT Project

TILT Project, supported by UNLV : http://www.tilthighered.org/

Peer Review Article (2016), “A Teaching Intervention that Increases Underserved             Students' Success” http://www.aacu.org/peerreview/2016/winter-spring/Winkelmes   


Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

Washington Center at the Evergreen State College's “Professional Development” Page (with resources for Research on Learning, Effective Teaching, College Readiness, Inclusive Classrooms, Integrative and Interdisciplinary Learning, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning) http://wacenter.evergreen.edu/professionaldevelopment/index.html