Syllabus, Assignments & Handouts

Course Syllabus

Fall Syllabus - 11:30am Class


Topic Selection
The Gallery Walk
Informative Speech Assignment
Informative Speech Evaluation Criteria
Informative Speech Outline Exercise
 This will be used to explain functions, NOT as a format model. You’ll be given a format model in hard copy and you can use the SFCC Library’s interactive template below.
Outline Template SFCC Library
Peer Critique Assignment
Extra-Credit Opportunity


Ten Steps to Group Success
The Beginnings of Rhetoric
Top 10 Spell-Check Errors
Six Steps of Speech Preparation
Ethos, Pathos and Logos
Hierarchy of Sources
Tips for Success in this Class...
Tips on Visual Aids
Types of Supporting Materials
Speech Criticism
Why Study Public Speaking?
20 Questions about Statistics for Journalists
Sample Outline